Monday, August 11, 2008

I Curse the Curse

as taught by Bishop Eddie L Long
NewBirth Missionary Baptist Church

it took a lot of effort for me to post this message... upload issues... for days... imagine my delight when I logged on to esnips for another attempt and there it was... Im not even sure what method worked... but there is a part 2... possibly a part 3 to this....

Deuteronomy 30:19 (niv)

Proverbs 26:2 -
  • a curse cannot rest on you unless it has a cause
  • a curse can be provoked, drawn or invited
  • ... so also can a blessing
If something is challenging your life, there is a reason

Deuteronomy 28: 1 - 68

Ever questioned why things like this/these always happen to you?

Sources of a curse
  1. Idolatory - whatever is lifted up above God (Exodus 20: 1 - 6)
  2. Occult - an equal system of teaching that contradicts the bible and calls on other gods others than the holy ghost
  3. Generational sin - a visitor doesnt have to be here (Exodus 20: 5)
  4. Psychological trauma - drama + drama dont go together
  5. Sexual preferences - adultery, same sex, breaking up a family (Romans 1:26-28)
  6. Bastardization - You have been set free by the Blood of Jesus (Deuteronomy 23: 2)
  7. A curse that comes through a rash statement (Genesis 31: 19, 31* & 32*) Be careful of what you say as Head of Household
  8. Curse of witholding - you should have given but you held back [he who blesses the poor, lends to God] (Proverbs 11:26)
  9. Curses come from those who curse their parents (Exodus 21:17; Deuteronomy 27:16)
  10. Self-inflicted curse - statements like "i hate myself", "I'm ugly", "I'm broke"
  11. Curse of anti-semitism - do NOT speak bad against a jew (Genesis 12)
  12. Curse of God (Proverbs 3:33)
  13. Curse of man - if you curse a man who has authority over you (Matthew 15:4; Hebrew 15:17)
  14. Curse of sowing & reaping (Galatians 6: 7-8)
  15. Curse of a prophet (Psalms 105: 14&15)
  16. The curse of the accursed - something holy... but if you touch it, you are cursed (Joshua 7:1) ex: giving tithe, every first born son (Malachi 3: 8 - 11; Joel 2:25)

Deuteronomy 28:
When under a curse, you have/feel retarded progress, living in a world of fantasy

Malachi - The last word God spoke was "curse" and then he was quiet for 400 years

**I curse the curse and receive the blessings in Jesus' Name... Amen**
(part 2 coming soon)


Mz. Dee said...

wow. dis was a lovely msg.

i think i may use it as inspiration 4 my youth group.

Kin'shar said...

hey ...Im seconddddd. Very nice